Charlee's Chawk Paint

Charlee's Chawk Paint. Comes in 1/2 Pint (8 oz), Pint (16 oz) & Quart (32 oz). This is good for painting cabinets, furniture and art projects, etc. The beauty of Chalk paint is that there is no priming needed. You just want to sand down any paint chips before you start or fill in any wood knot holes with wood putty if you don't not want them to show through.  After painting if you want to distress, the best results are using a hand sander with 120 grit paper and sand where you want to show distress. You can also simply use 120 grit sand paper. Last step, apply a sealant chalk paint wax.You can use clear or a dark wax to give it an antique look. Happy Painting!

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